Office Supplies

Office Supplies

stationery from BOSS NOVUS . . . . . . the professional’s choice!

Our Products and Services

Everyone in business is aware of the price levels that apply to the most popular products bought everyday. We promise that we can stand up to any comparison and we guarantee competitive pricing day after day. As well as the price of the product we can save you money throught the buying process.

The Single Source Solution

Our solution offer you the opportunity to consolidate your business supply partners and focus your spend more offectively.

We can provide Paper Clips to Office Partitioning and can help to reduce your direct and indirect procurement costs.

Online Ordering

By using our state of the art online ordering platform we can improve the efficiency in your organisation and allow you and your people to concentrate on your core business while we take care of your daily requirements.

On-site Stock Management

Let us manage your stock onsite and free up valuable time and reduce or even eliminate obslolesence. Our fully trained merchandisers will take the “pain” out of you weekly ordering by ensuring that you are stocked to your agreed levels each week. this is backed by detailed reporting to allow you to retain control.

For further information please contact us on (01) 2846111.

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